Mother's Corn

    mother corn

    We know how mothers care about anything that touches a baby’s mouth, and this is how Mother’s Corn was born to make tableware safe for babies when they suck and play with their mouth.

    Applying cute design with appetizing colors with carefree use, our products are all eco-friendly considering Earth environment to be left for kids.

    With the love of “Mom,” the most beautiful name of all, we make our products with the most care.


    Mother’s Corn
    Mother’s Corn tableware is made of plant-based materials, such as corn and potatoes, to reduce Co2 and minimize the use of petrochemical substances, in order that the global environment is spared from harm.
    Mother’s Corn made of PLA. Poly Lactic Acid is a resin derived form the lactic acid extracted from vegetable starch. Minerals are added to reinforce the durability.
    No toxic materials, such as heavy metals and environ,ental hormones, are detected in Mother’s Corn products. We ensure the safety of our children by utilizing only the safe and natural materials.
    4 -1RECYCLE
    During the production of Mother’s Corn products, all the “left over” elements are gathered, thoroughly inspected to ensure biodegradability and safety, and these elements are used to create an eco-friendly flower vase and por.
    4 -2REUSE
    In Europe alone, PET bottles amass 63.6% of annual plastic waste. This is 25.2 Million ton! Mother’s Corn has implemented a brilliant idea of reusing the bottle caps, and in this way, we seek to minimise waste, save resources and protect our environment.
    “Bis-Kit” is made from recycled materials and is fully biodegradable. The product is dually useful as a flowerpot and vase.
    All Mother’s Corn products are biodegradable in nature, so once the products are disposed of, they fully decompose and dissolve in soil.

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