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    Taf Toys Bunny School Match & Count Toy

    Product Description:

    Taf Toys Bunny School Match & Count is an interactive and educational toy offers a variety of benefits, including the development of fine motor skills, color recognition, counting abilities, cognitive skills, and creativity. It promotes safe and engaging play, while also ensuring the durability and safety of the toy. With its richly illustrated box and 15 bunny pegs, this toy is designed to captivate and educate toddlers in a fun and meaningful way. Taf Toys' wide range of products provides you with developmental toys that correspond to your baby's age and that are challenging, fun, and inspire the imagination. All of our toys are created with the intention to promote your baby's emotional, cognitive, and physical development during their first two years of growth. Our goal is to help your baby establish a foundation for a healthy and happy developmental path.

    Product Information / Highlights:

    • Interactive and Educational Toy for Toddlers -Designed to help toddlers develop fine motor skills, color recognition, and counting abilities through play. Provides engaging and interactive learning experiences in three developmental stages. How to play: The bunny peg needs to be attached to the side of the box. The unique design of the bunny peg allows toddlers to attach them to the box’s wall easily, strengthening the muscles of the hands and fingers.

    • Developmentaltoy -+18m fine motor play - Thumb and finger grasp practice by attaching and detaching bunny pegs to/from the box & Place bunny pegs inside the box, develops curiosity & creativity. +24m fine motor play & color matching: as toddlers attach bunny pegs to the box based on their outfits' colors., develops colors recognize & name. +30m Fine motor play - Sorting bunny pegs by color, number, and quantity, promoting counting skills and number recognition.

    • Richly Illustrated Box and 15 Bunny Pegs -Includes a beautifully illustrated box and 15 plastic bunny pegs specially designed for small toddler hands. The box and pegs are made with safe and durable materials, ensuring the toy's longevity.

    • Promotes Learning and Development -Enhances fine motor skills and color recognition through fun and engaging play. Encourages counting and number recognition, fostering cognitive development. Stimulates creativity and independent play, nurturing imagination and problem-solving abilities.Playing with the pegs helps toddlers develop: Hand-eye coordination, Fine motor skills and The muscles of the hands and fingers.

    • Safe and Age-Appropriate -Crafted with baby-safe materials, free from toxins such as BPA, lead, phthalates, and mercury. Made with durable materials suitable for children aged 18 months and up. Rigorously safety tested to meet high standards, providing peace of mind for parents. Perfect Gift For Toddlers for Children's Day, Birthday, Christmas, Newborn, gift shower. Toddlers can play at home with parents or friends indoor or outdoor activities Fun, it's the perfect gift toy for toddlers ages 1-3.