Taf Toys

    Taf Toys Activity Buckles Board

    Product Description:

    Taf Toys Activity Buckle Board is an innovative and engaging toy designed for toddlers 18 months and up. It offers a range of activities including: Zipper, XL button, Velcro flaps, Laces, Snap cover, Buckle, Pull snap strap, Peek-a-boo activities, Numbers, amounts & counting. These activities provide challenges and opportunities for children to learn and develop their fine motor skills, dexterity, problem-solving skills, and hand-eye coordination. 

    Product Information / Highlights:

    • An innovative & engaging toydesigned for toddlers 18 months & up. Features zipper, XL button, Velcro flaps, laces, snap cover, buckle, pull snap strap, peek-a-boo activities, numbers, amounts, & counting. Enhances fine motor skills, dexterity, problem-solving, & hand-eye coordination. Perfect for interactive play & learning. The only toy that is specially designed for the developmental stage of toddlers 18 months & up, that doesn't contain small parts & is safe for toddlers under the age of 3.

    • Introduction to “big kid” skills such as getting dressed, buckling etc. Zipper & Peek-a-boo Bunny: improve fine motor skills & hand-eye coordination by zipping and unzipping the toy. The adorable peek-a-boo bunny adds an element of surprise & encourages imaginative play. perfect for Pincer grasp practice.

    • Learning Numbers & Counting: Helps children recognize and grasp basic math concepts while engaging their curiosity and cognitive abilities. A fantastic tool for early numerical development.

    • Velcro Straps & Buckle: enhance fine motor skills & dexterity. challenges toddlers to problem-solve & improve hand-eye coordination as they fasten & unfasten the buckle. Offers hands-on learning & skill-building opportunities.

    • Pull Snap Strap, Laces, & XL Button: develops fine motor skills & hand strength as children pull & snap the strap. Laces enable them to practice fine motor skills & learn knot-tying. Manipulating the XL button enhances dexterity & hand-eye coordination.

    • Beginner button - Buttoning is a challenging multitask action. Promotes interactive & hands-on play, engaging fine motor skills & encouraging planning ahead, exploration and discovery. Each activity opens in a different direction, fostering discovery through trial & error, supporting independent play, & self-confidence. Helps develop finger strength, accuracy, & control, crucial for tasks like writing & manipulating objects, providing a foundation for future learning & daily life activities.

    • Safe and Age-Appropriate - Crafted with baby-safe materials, free from toxins such as BPA, lead, phthalates, and mercury. Made with durable materials suitable for children aged 18 months and up. High-quality construction ensures durability for long-lasting use. Perfect Gift For Toddlers for Children's Day, Birthday, Christmas, Newborn, gift shower. Toddlers can play at home with parents or friends indoor or outdoor activities Fun, it's the perfect gift toy for toddlers ages 1-3.