Offspring Ultra-Thin Tapes

    Diaper Size

    Hyper-absorbent, ultra-breathable second-skin diapers.

    • The thinnest diapers in the market – now even more absorbent, breathable and lightweight!
    • 20% improvement in overall performance
    • Enhanced dryness with soft cottony texture and barely any bulk!
    • Ultra-breathable – perfect for tropical countries like Malaysia & Singapore
    • Certified Cruelty-Free, vegan and eco-friendly; no animals or trees were harmed in the making

    *Recommended for day usage.
    For overnight diapers, try our Fashion Series.

    Get It Light

    When diapers get wet, they bulk up. But it doesn’t have to be this way.
    Ultra-Thin diapers offer flexibility, comfort, dryness and breathability with barely any bulk – even when wet!

    All Absorbency, No Bulk

    Bulking happens when fluids gather in one area. Our unique design enables fast absorption while evenly distributing fluids to prevent bulking even when the diaper is full.

    Light & Breezy

    Extremely lightweight and thin, these diapers provide ultimate comfort and breathability especially in tropical weather

    What Happens in Diaper, Stays in Diaper

    Woodpulp-free design ensures baby's bottom stays dry when diaper is full; hyper-absorbent core absorbs and evenly distributes fluids to prevent bulking, even with movement and impact

    Full of Love, Free of Chemicals

    Safe for sensitive skin. Made without chlorine, optical brighteners, latex, lotions, fragrances and dyes

    Inspired Ingredients

    Offspring Featherlite Ultra-Thin Diapers and Pull-Ups are designed with top-quality sustainable material such as:

    offspring ultra thin tapes

    offspring ultra thin tapes

    Good to Know

    Safety First!

    Keep packaging away from babies and children to avoid risk of suffocation. Discard any torn or damaged diapers to avoid risk of choking. Diapers are not flame resistant. Keep diapers away from fire.

    Lovingly Made With

    Ultra-dry absorbent core, Polyethylene film, super absorbent polymer, polypropylene (core wrap, cuff layer barrier), non-toxic adhesive (seams & joints), polymer spandex leak guard (leg elastic, fastening system), inks free from lead and other heavy metals.



    • Offspring products need a minimum amount of $40 or above for each order