Marcus & Marcus

    Marcus & Marcus Flip n’ Strap - Wilo

    Marcus & Marcus flip n’strap makes parents easy by not bending over and over again to pick up the straw bottles, toys, pacifier and many more that fall out of your baby’s hands. The top end of the strap is a multi-use connector that can be attached to strollers, car seats, grocery carts, baby carriers, high chairs and many more, the other end has an adjustable tail for strapping things in different sizes. -When it is not in used, the 23 inch strap can be tidy up by rolling inside the strap organizer and it’s so small that it only takes up very little space of your bag!


    • BPA / Phthalates free
    • Food grade silicone rubber
    • Multi-use connector
    • Adjustable tail
    • Strap organizer

    Cleaning and Care:

    • Top-rack dishwasher safe
    • Stem sterilizer safe
    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Stains can be removed by washing with hot-soapy water
    • Wash throughly before initial use and after each use
    • Store products in a a dry place

    Product Size:
    5.2 x 2.8 x 59 cm 

    Food grade silicone rubber 

    Withstand Temp:
    -20°C to 120°C
    -4°F to 250°F