LOLBaby Bio-washing Cotton Bedding Set (Various Designs)

    Golden Rabbit
    Cherry Beige
    Cloud White
    Honey Bee White
    Moon Star Grey
    Polar Bear White

    LOLBaby Bio-washing Cotton Bedding Set

    LOLBaby always makes the best products by using the same twill cotton on the front and back. the 100% cotton is made in South Korea, very useful, warm and perfect for the baby’s skin. LOLBaby blanket set for babies’ cozy and warm sleep

    1. Bedding materials are the same as bedding in luxury hotels 

    2. High quality and free of stitching lines on the surface of the fabric, giving a seamless appearance.

    3. Made with anti-dust and high-density cotton (60 counts) that has undergone bio-washing treatment to ensure cleanliness.

    4. Environmentally friendly materials for filling and duvets are filled with eco-friendly corn fibers.

    5. Provide a cozy touch and a peaceful sleeping environment with minimal noise. The quiet rustling sound of the fabric gives a pleasant tactile experience.

    6. Resistant to pet hair and other substances with consideration for the skin and respiratory health of children.
    Bio-washing Cotton Bedding Set consists of the following items:
    Blanket - 100cm x 130cm
    Pillow - 25cm x 45cm
    Pad - 100cm x 150cm