100% Premium Cotton Bedding Set - Star Stripe

    Northern European design and chic color of the lolBaby thin padding blanket. pad and pillow set.

    LolBaby always makes the best products by using the same twill cotton on the front and
    back. the 100% cotton is made in South Korea, very useful and warm from the 6-7cm thickness. the Northern European style and the animal characters match with the pastel
    colors. Cozy and soft thin padding blanket is made of cotton wool and able to use all
    year long. the size is small so it is easy to wash and take on trips. the cotton count is 40
    and 100% cotton and perfect for the baby’s skin. LolBaby blanket set for babies’ cozy and warm sleep

    Cotton Bedding Set consists of the following items:
    Blanket - 110cm x 140cm
    Pillow - 20cm x 40cm
    Pad - 100cm x 150cm

    LOLBaby is a premium Korea Brand, the safest Bumper Bed. Highest Guard to safeguard your kids, babies and toddlers. Accessories include Bedding Set, Duvet, 3D Mesh Mattress, 3D Mesh Pillow, Bumper Guard Covers, Mosquito/Insect net.

    Is a all-in-one baby nursery necessities: playard, playmat, playpen, bumper bed, cribs