Mother's Corn

    Mother's Corn School Bus Platter

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    Mother's Corn Award Winning Play & Learn Meal Time Set

    Mother's Corn School Bus Platter

    • Made form corn, Good, Green & Safe.
    • Durable, freezable, microwavable and dishwasher safe.
    • Suitable for babies / toddler who are learning to self feed 
    • Non- slip silicone at the bottom to help spillage
     This plate is very convenient, because it is sectioned and each section is deep, it allows you to put any type of food you want!
     The bottom of the plate is slightly tilted forward which make it easy to eat liquid food and finish the end 
    • It is Ideal for multiple types of food without using many plates!
    • Do not sterilized this product, if you wish to sterilized rise with hot water

    Product Size (CM): L27.5 * W19.8 * H3.5
    Capacity: -
    Recommend Age: 1.5 Years