Bonbijou Guardian Car Seat

    Family outings can be quite a headache with a new baby. Worry no more! Cocoon your baby in the plush Bonbijou Guardian Car Seat for a most safe and comfortable ride.

    Meant for infants and toddlers up to 36kg (Grp 0,1,2,3), this stylish car seat in chic colours of grey and black comes with 4 reclining positions, including one position for Grp 0 rear-facing. Rear facing seats for infants are recommended as it distributes crash force and minimise the impact on your little one. What’s more, you can also put it into a low recline angle for your kid to snuggle down and drift easily into dreamland bliss.

    Integrating safety with aesthetics, the Bonbijou Guardian’s 5-point harness, Air-C cushion (meant for additional impact absorption) and adjustable headrest give parents a total peace of mind, even on rough bumpy roads. Soft and cushy, this protective yet luxuriously comfy car seat allows for an unruffled drive so that you can focus on getting to the destination sooner.

    Product Features

    • Suitable for infant and up to 36kg (Grp 0,1,2,3)
    • 4 recline positions (1 position for Grp 0 rear facing)
    • Low recline angle for infant's comfort
    • 5-point harness
    • Air-C cushion for additional impact absorption
    • Adjustable headrest
    • Soft fabric for a comfortable ride
    • Easy to install using ISOFIT and belting for enhanced safety for baby
    • Conforms to safety standard ECE NO.16 / GB14166

    Product Dimensions

    • Front facing: H61 x W47 x D51 cm
    • Rear facing: H49 x W47 x D66 cm